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If you need immediate emergency assistance, please call or text now at: 423-491-5871

There are many scenarios that constitute an emergency when dealing with trees. Some tree emergencies can be urgent. Fallen tree limbs can block access, cause property damage, and threaten the safety of you and your family. Following major storms the large corporate tree companies are rightfully focused on power lines and other major storm damage. It’s very important and dangerous work. It’s also very profitable. In fact, depending on the size of a storm many large services are out-of-state assisting other municipalities. While they are focused on other work you shouldn’t have to wait.

What about you? You or a loved one may have a medical condition and a fallen tree is blocking access to leave your property. Or perhaps a large heavy tree limb has fallen or is in danger of falling. You need help immediately! Rowan Tree Care is committed to provide you with fast and reliable emergency assistance.

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